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Legaltech Solution For Lawyers


Prime is the premier resource and largest offline law library of case laws, regulations, legal textbooks, journals and more to serve clients better, win more cases and draft winning briefs. It is an intuitive offline legal research and analytics tool that streamlines your legal research process by delivering the features below with superior Advanced search technology.

Key Features

  • E-book reader: You can easily switch and view many different tabs at one time, all within one organized window, most especially while reading the legal textbooks and journals on Prime. 
  • Counsel Profiling: Prime tops the chart as the only legal research tool in Africa that provides predictive insights to all users, including insights into how legal practitioners sway the court to their advantage coupled with the case history of lawyers you are researching on (lead counsel, supporting counsel, win rate and even practice areas), helps you to be primed for success. 
  • State laws: For every lawyer that needs access to the various laws of States, annotated with relevant cases in Nigeria. It’s easy peasy with Prime.egal analytics: Through its legal analytics feature, you can see the precedence ratings, conflicting cases, recommendations and even ratio-by-ratio “analytics”. 
  • E-Law report: Access the largest compendium of the Supreme Court (from 1960 till date) and Court of Appeal (from 1977 till date) in Nigeria, including a 64-year consolidated Index and Digest of over 120,000 issues on all areas of law. We are your surest source for up-to-date Court of Appeal and Supreme Court judgments.
  • A.I Document review: Thanks to this amazing feature of Prime, you can easily review your documents by pasting it directly Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, it couldn’t be easier to do a day’s Document review work in two minutes.

Prime is for you if:

  • You are purely a litigation counsel
  • You want to access your law report offline (without internet connection) and on a single device
  • You have substantial memory space on your device


Primsol is an online legal research and analytics tool that helps you navigate the research stage of your caseload.No other product caters to the needs of both the commercial and litigation aspects of legal practice and transforms legal research like Primsol. 

Key Features Include

An e-library of thousands of Law Reports (both Supreme Court and Court of Appeal from 1960 till date),

64 years consolidated Index and law-digest of over 70,000 issues covering all areas of law

  • Legal Analytics of all Judgements showing: locus classicus identification, conflicts, exceptions, oldest and latest authorities on any issue of law.
  • Laws of the Federation annotated with relevant cases.
  • Civil Procedure Rules of courts and Arbitration rules
  •   Regulations, Rules and Guidelines of MDAs and regulatory bodies, e.g, CBN, CAC etc.
  • Forms, Court forms with pre-filled samples and Agreement templates with insight notes.
  • Commercial Judgements of Federal High Court and State High Courts.
  • National Industrial Court and Tax Appeal Tribunal Judgements.
  • Arbitration rules.
  • Personalized research folder for Practice Notes.
  • Words in Gold: a special compilation of pronouncements of each Justice of the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal.

Primsol is for you if you are:

  • a litigator/litigants
  •  a legal researcher
  • In-house lawyer
  • Commercial practice lawyer
  • Law lecturer
  • Law student


CaseManager is web-based legal practice management software for law firms owners that helps them to manage their firm,  organize cases, collaborate with clients, track, organize, and manage their documents in a centralized location, so they can work from any device, at any time, with all the tools they need to run a more productive and profitable law firm.

Key features

  • Document Management
  • Case/Matter Management
  • Time Tracking
  • Billing and Invoicing
  • Reporting
  • Client Intake
  • Scheduling
  • and more

CaseManager is for you if you are..

  • A law firm owner
  • Principal Partner of a law firm
  • Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN)

Legaltech Tools for the Judiciary

Administration of justice need not always be cumbersome. Simplify justice delivery processes, without compromising on the quality, through our user friendly and secure legal technology solutions

Prime Judiciary

Prime Judiciary is a tool designed for today’s judge to preserve their legacy and enhance smart justice delivery.

Key features include:

  • Personalised Law Reporting with A.I Profiling. Upload your judgments directly on Prime Judiciary and enjoy the unlimited power of Artificial Intelligence in justice delivery.
  • A.I Document Review: Completely avoid re-inventing the wheel with the new A.I Document Review tool in Prime Judiciary as you gain a holistic view of counsel submission and your previous judgment in one place. Counsel’s Written Addresses can now be easily reviewed and evaluated in seconds alongside your previous judgments on similar issues, making your work more thorough, easier and faster.
  • Appellate Feedback System for Judges (AFSJ): With AFSJ, you can never miss the status of your judgements. Discover promptly how your judgments are decided by appellate courts and get an unbiased feedback on your performance. This is now available for High Court Judges as well.

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