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Process Automation software system that enables in-house legal teams to manage all legal unit’s processes digitally.

Need to improve your legal department’s operational efficiency, speed, accuracy and reliable data collection processes? Try CMS Enterprise, a bespoke process automation solution for your legal department, for optimal results. 

The Enterprise CaseManager advantage

Process Flow Management

By automating the processes of your legal unit, it guarantees your productivity, thereby reducing the time required to complete any task.

Document Management

With CMS enterprise, managing the life cycle of your firm's documents is made easy, encompassing creation, indexing, storage, retrieval, and distribution. Additionally, you can easily track changes made in documents.

Data-Driven Insight

Through its dashboard, you can get an overview of activities, documents and processes, and even gather business intelligence for better business outcomes.

Notification System

Send a message and the appropriate member will be immediately notified of what needs to be done.

External Customers Management

It facilitates seamless collaboration with both your external solicitors and in-house customers. This way, the litigation unit and all external solicitors can be contacted or provide updates/feedback.

Automatic Generation of Document Templates

Access templates for documents regularly used by the legal department, always at your fingertips.

Organizational Knowledge Management (OKM) Tool

Unlock Efficiency with LawPavilion’s A.I-Powered Organizational Knowledge Management (OKM). Digitize your paper files and access critical documents instantly. Leverage A.I. to retrieve relevant documents while working. Boost productivity by saving time, space, and resources. Experience the future of streamlined documentation with LawPavilion’s OKM tool

The OKM Advantage

Leverage existing expertise

Rather than losing valuable knowledge when a skilled employee departs, OKM ensures that digitized documents remain accessible and interactive, enabling new employees to leverage the expertise of their predecessors.

Faster document drafting

Whenever you need to create a new document, OKM quickly searches your digitized files for similar documents, offering helpful suggestions. This saves you valuable time by eliminating the need to start from scratch, allowing for increased productivity.

Eliminate duplicated effort

OKM significantly reduces the time and effort required to generate or duplicate documents, eliminating duplication of work.

More efficient and happier workplace

With the secure storage of your documents, you and your team can effortlessly access and retrieve digitized files  by searching through the dashboards using keywords in seconds, making your workplace efficient

Faster and more qualitative decision-making

Through the utilization of AI technology, OKM effectively gathers data and identifies patterns within your legal documents, facilitating informed business decisions.

OKM is for you if you are ....

  • Law Firm owners or Principal Partners or Ministries of Justice
  • You want to avoid organizational knowledge loss